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It has been almost a year since we adopted Google from the Humane Society.  It took two trips and during those trips we went back and forth between the animal shelter and the Humane Society many times.  We actually came to look at another kitten but decided on Giovanni a beautiful gray kitty.  It didn't take long for the kids to change his hame to Google.  Yet he gets called boo-boo or pudder.  I must say he is one spoiled cat and is a perfect gentleman!  We couldn't have adopted a more perfect cat!!  The kids often say (upon pulling into the garage), I call cat and the race is on as to gets him first.  Thank you so much and what a great addition to our family!

Stephanie Case


I thought everyone would be happy to know how well Oswald is doing. I call him Ozzy. He was pottytrained within 3 days and he has turned out to be the most wonderful companion and a well-behaved pup, following me all around the house to every room and on walks he follows me all around my families property without a leash. He enjoys trips to the rivers in Missourri because water is his favorite thing in the world. I plan to train him for tracking as well as retrieving.  I'm just so grateful for what you guys do. I know that I will never be buying another dog and I encourage others to do the same. Without you, loveable little animals in Stillwater would not have a chance for a good life. I love having Ozzy in my little family and he will be by my side forever.


Hi! I adopted a white Havanese from you a week ago. Charley is doing well. He has lots of attention and love and has made fast friends with the neighboring Lab and Shar-pei. We are very structured with his potty training, and Charlie is responding better each day. He is still having great difficulty with trust and has only bonded with myself. He is sweet and loves to be petted, but is not cuddly or keen on being held. I am hoping that he will warm up to these concepts soon. Charlie is learning to play and has a favorite chew toy. His favorite place is his kennel, which is left open for him to go in and out as he pleases. He is very clever at opening and closing the door behind him. Hw seems to not be afraid of the vaccum or lawn mower. He can run very fast and no longer rquires a leash to go outside to do his business! So far, so good. I will send pics when his hair grows back. In the meantime, Charlie sports a red t-shirt that does not seem to bother him. Just keeping you updated! Good luck with your animals and thank you!

Micheal Robison-McNew


My name is Paul Dunaway and my wife and I adopted a white boxer from the Stillwater Humane Society in the April of 2004. She was scared and malnourished (about 35 or 40 pounds) one year old puppy when we met her and she went by the name of Easter Lily. It's been 5 years, 45 more pounds, and one name change to Riley since that day and my wife and I wanted to tell you thanks again. I attached a couple of pictures that took of her today for you all to see. Keep up the good work and God bless.

Thanks again,

Paul Dunaway


Hi Jackie,

Well, we couldn't have done any better had we won the lottery!  Tucker (formerly known as BoJango) is the sweetest, most well behaved dog I've ever seen.  He and Jake play constantly, with no fighting.  The only thing he didn't like was being put in the crate.  I am going to get a larger one and see if that helps.  I took him to Petsmart yesterday to get a few things and register for training and he was perfectly well behaved.  I am guessing that him having to be in a kennel made him hard to deal with.  Anyhow, he's laying on the floor right next to me taking a little nap.  He doesn't even wander when he's outside, he stays right with us or with Jake, who is happy to show him around our place.  He had one accident in the house and that was the end of that, he seems to only need to be corrected once and then he gets it (same thing with the couch).  I think it helps him to have the other dogs to show him the ropes.  I am going to be home all week for Spring Break so I will be able to help him get even more acclimated.  Thank you again for your help.  I am also so thankful that all of the events happened like they did and I ended up with a perfect dog, and I wasn't even looking for one.

I will send some pictures soon,



Dexter (aka Rex) has been a wonderful companion.  He is very well behaved and is always happy to play with people and other dogs.  He loves having his belly rubbed, playing fetch, sunbathing, and licking people in the face.  It has only been two weeks since I brought Dexter home, but I can tell we are going to be friends for many years to come.  Thanks to everyone at the humane society for taking care of him until our paths crossed.

Adam Nicholas


Hello Stillwater!!

 It’s Bobber here saying howdy.  Everything couldn’t be better for me here in Enid. I have a great backyard, lots of toys inside and outside, and my own quilt to play with my toys.  I have a wonderful family that includes me in everything. Not only do I have a great family, I have two baseball teams that seem to have adopted me too. It seems like one of them either has a game or practice every night. Talk about top dog. I have had no trouble adjusting; in fact it feels like I have always belonged here. I love sleeping in my crate and I know I can have my quiet space whenever I want.  I still sometimes wake up once in the night to go to the bathroom but then I go right back to sleep. I still seem to require quite a bit of sleep, but I get plenty of exercise that wears me out. My owner reads a lot about Border Collies and how to take care of them.  They are keeping me busy and work with me everyday. I guess so I won’t get in trouble, pick up bad habits, or learn how to out smart my owner. After one week, I understood sit and next I mastered sit with stay.  I know lie down, no, and good boy now, but I’m still working on shake. I am growing everyday and I have another doctor’s appointment Thursday, so I’ll let you know what I weigh in at. I’m getting a new crate Wednesday. I am getting so big. They were going to see how big I get first, but I can’t wait that long. I hope I like it!  They love to go places like hiking, geo-caching, camping, canoeing, but I’m still getting used to everything. I am really comfortable at

the ball fields and I am quite the hit there. You should here what people say. The boys’ team goes out of town once a year for a tournament and they took me. It was my first time staying in a hotel. I loved it. It was nice to get home too though. Oh, did I mention I already have a job. I start in another week or so. My owner has a friend that is the activity director of a nursing home here and I will be brightening eyes and putting smiles on faces. I have a few more manners to learn before I start work.


I do know the word work, but for now it just means taking a walk, going to the ball game, or to the park. I am such a smart dog. You can tell by looking in my eyes. It only took me looking at grandpa once and I had him hooked. He watches me while my family is a work. It just so happens that a close family has a boy and girl the same age as Jonathan and Jessica and they play on the same teams. We didn’t know they were planning to get a puppy too. She was born two days before me. It is still a secret for their kids; I think they get to bring her home tomorrow. Well needless to say, I took a bath just in case she makes it to the ball park tomorrow night.  They say first impressions are everything. The pictures I attached are the first and second week

and I will send some of this week soon. I have more than doubled in size now. This week I have gotten really big. When I was 8 weeks at my first visit, my vet thought I was 12 weeks. Today I am 9 weeks old, I think anyway.  I’m so excited that school is out in two more days and I will get to be with the family all day. Grandpa’s ok but I can’t wait to see, go and do all new things.  I'll send more pictures your way! Thank you for everything you did for me!


Love, Bobber-Skipper


I don't know how often you hear from former residents of the shelter, but I just wanted to say thank you for the work you do.  I wanted to give you an update on a dog that my wife and I adopted from the shelter in the summer of 1993.  At the time we thought she was a beagle/husky mix, but as she grew, she developed a color pattern that was distinctly border collie.  Her name while with you all was Demeter.  We began calling her Keiko when we took her home.  She turned 16 last month and has been an absolute joy.  She is old now and her days with us are probably numbered.  She has cataracts and cannot see well and has arthritis, so moving around is sometimes difficult.  Did I mention that she is also a little hard of hearing?  But she is special member of our family.  Since we have had Keiko, we have had 2 labs, a chocolate and a yellow.  We have lost both of them to cancer.  We put our last one (Mac) to sleep 2 weeks ago.  He was 10.  Keiko has grieved both of their losses, and Mac's was the toughest.  They were together 10 years and I think she looked to him as comfort as she aged.  If she got confused or lost, if she could find him, she was better.  

So anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do and especially for allowing us to add this special family member 16 years ago.

Best wishes,

Dave, Ellen and Madison Hays



 Hello Stillwater Humane Society Staff & Volunteers,

I wanted to give you all an update on Juneau the husky/border collie mix I adopted 1 year ago this month. 

Juneau is doing great- he loves walks, going to the dog park in Tulsa, playing frisbee & spending time with my soon-to-be nieces & nephews. He is so great with children and very gentle- he just loves the attention! He also loves his cat brother, Foster. The only behavioral issues he has had was some howling during his crate training and digging holes but he no longer has the howling problem & loves his crate. Housetraining went wonderful- he only had one accident where he marked the wall.  He has been to the veterinarian for general check-ups, vaccines and heartworm prevention/testing. Juneau usually sleeps on the floor in my bedroom and sometimes in his crate if he so chooses. Juneau gets lots of exercise from daily walks (sometimes 2 a day), playing frisbee and going to the dog park. His obedience training has been informal and he knows sit & lay down- we are still working on stay. I chose Juneau because I neutered him through the shelter program at OSU VetMed and we had "a moment" in which I fell in love with him & he was very smart. I would definitely adopt from the Stillwater Humane Society- I have lived in Stillwater for 8 years for school and have seen the Humane Society improve leaps and bounds from where it was many years ago- the transformation is awesome! The management is definitely doing a great job at coordinating efforts to make the animals lives the best and make adoption opportunities the best as well.


Laura Townley



We adopted “Mimzie” 2 weeks ago.  We have since changed her name to “Princess Bella”.  We are from Oklahoma City and happened to be in the Stillwater area and decided to stop in.  We made it 5 kennels down, I saw these gold furry paws sticking through the gate, my heart melted.  She from that moment loved and showed more affection than I could ever imagine.  We took her outside to see how she handled, to my surprise, she was playful, loving, and potty trained!!  Today, she has adjusted wonderfully.  She is very spoil and loyal.  We found that she is a lhatese (Maltese/Lhasa Apso Hybrid).  She is very adorable and we love her more and more everyday!

Thank You,

Tracy and Joseph Harrington



Hi There,

I adopted a Border Collie/Blue Heeler Mix from y'all back in Febuary 2009. Her name at the time was Bella, but we changed it to Dixie. She has been more than a blessing to us! She is such an Amazing addition to our family. We love her to death!!! She is very intelligent, outgoing, and just an all around Awesome dog. She loves her siblings which consist of a Red Heeler named Tilly, a Pembroke Corgi named Jezebell, Barn cats Baxter and Henry and her 7 ducks and 3 geese which share our yard with her. Dixie absolutely loves taking walks and playing in the pond! She is notorious for getting dirty!!!! We had never thought about adopting a mixed breed until we came upon the Stillwater Humane Society and we have since been blessed with our Beautiful 4 legged daughter Dixie! She has changed our lives in so many ways! I always refer people to the Stillwater Humane Society if they are looking for a new family member. Thank you so much for helping us find our beautiful lil girl!



 Hi, Stillwater Humane Society!

 This is Beth and Chris, giving you an update on James!  James (whose shelter name was Alder) is a very social and loving cat.  We got him back in October when he was five months old.  He's grown quite a bit in just three months, and has a very comfortable life with us.  He gave us a little scare recently, when we found out he had an old hip injury that had healed wrong probably from when he was a baby, but we're saving up for the small surgery to help him, and he'll be just fine!  He loves when we have friends over because they always make him the center of attention.  One of his favorite activities is just to sit and stare at our fish tank (probably hungrily) and follow the fish.

 When we decided to get a cat, we figured on looking around one day and then making a final decision the next week.  But when we went in to the cat area, James actually stretched his arm out and tapped Chris on the shoulder from his cage.  We held him and knew immediately that he would be going with us that day.  Originally, I didn't think I was a cat person, but James has certainly changed my mind.  We couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more loving cat to be a part of our little family.  Thank you so much, Humane Society of Stillwater, for finding and taking care of him!


Beth & Chris


We adopted a rat terrier cross last week from you all and we could not be more in LOVE!  We had been looking for months for the right dog for my 4 year old daughter and we have found her.  She has been affectionately renamed Angel and she has become such a wonderful addition to our family.  I'm so sorry for the family that had to give her up but please know that she is very loved and very happy.  I am so glad that family thought enough of this sweet dog to offer her up to the Humane Society and not just dump her in the country somewhere to fend for herself!  We are thrilled with what we call our "Iggy Rat" (we think she is an Italian Greyhound, Rat Terrier cross).  Thank you for a great adoption and wishing all your furry friends new happy homes!

The Hollingsworth Family


I have had Emma (formerly known as Gretta), a dachshund, for about a month now, and she is doing great.  When I adopted her she was extremely skinny...all of her ribs sticking out, she is now at a healthy weight and looks a lot better.  Emma is about four - four and a half months old now and is almost completely potty trained and working on getting crate trained.  She loves to play with our two labs and border collie mix, and she seems to think she is a lot bigger than she really is!  Emma loves to lay on the couch and cuddle after she has gotten all her energy out playing (she is on my lap asleep as I write this).  Emma likes to go on walks and explore while she wears her little pink coat to keep her warm in the cold. She had her first bath a couple days ago and jumped out of the tub a few times...baths are apparently not her favorite thing! Emma is Extremely spoiled, and very happy she has found a home that truly loves her and takes care of her.  Thank you Humane Society for allowing me to adopt this little bundle of joy!


My orange tabby Dizzy was lonely so my boyfriend and I went to go find him a friend. Muse purred and purred and purred at us and even climbed the cage bars to get our attention. How could we not take her home! Now the two kitties just love each other and they play together all the time. And she is still such a little sweetheart. She is always glad to see us, and even goes as far to climb up our pant leg just so we will hold her for a minute. I am so glad that we took her home, she is such an amazing little girl!


-Devin, Brent, Dizzy, and Muse


We adopted Ollie (now named Hank) and we are already in love!  He's made a new friend of our Chow/Husky 14 year old and is tentatively developing a relationship w/our Pomapoo.  He is so smart, sweet natured, playful and eager to please.  He is also calm when we want him to be.  He hasn't even peed in the house.  We've attached a photo of our new boy with our people boys, they're quite the trio.  Thanks for helping us add to our family.  Holly, Chanc, Finn and Sutton (Hank's new master) Bergbower


Sept 19th 2009  I visited your shelter thinking about adopting a cat. Heather was not the cat I originally came in to see.

When I was taken to your cat room I was covered in cats all trying to get my attention. I soon noticed Heather and her very sad

Face. Heather was obviously not happy in a large group of cats. It was clear she was timid and bashful and she was the only cat

That did not rub against me for attention. I drove back to Enid without adopting a cat but I thought about Heather and her sad face.

On Sept 20th I showed my wife Heathers photo on your web page and she agreed Heather needed a home. We adopted her that day.

Heather has slowly warmed up to us and she has a new brother named Tommy. Tommy is a large gentle Tom Cat and they get along

 very well. I’ve attached some photos of Heather.

Thanks for allowing us to give Heather a home. She is part of our family.

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